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About Us

Arrow Chemical Group Corp. was founded in 2007, which is a world famous chemical supplier. With the goal of customer satisfaction, Arrow focuses on Propylene Carbonate, Propylene Glycol, Dimethyl Carbonate, Methylene Chloride, Aniline, Polyaluminium Chloride, Polyacrylamide and other chemical products’ production, research, marketing and investment, to provide chemical purchasing one-stop service for the whole industry chain.

Arrow chemical is located in the beautiful coastal city, Qingdao, and our wholly owned factory is located in Linyi, Shandong province. Combined the advantages of raw materials in Shandong and exporting transportation in Qingdao. Arrow is famous for high quality products and excellent services. Now we are stable supplying our products to more than 60 countries and regions which are located in the Middle East, South America, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

At present, we mainly produce Propylene glycol tech grade (50,000MT/ Year), Propylene glycol USP grade (30,000 MT/ Year), Propylene carbonate (150,000 MT/ year), Dimethyl carbonate (100,000 MT/ year), Methylene Chloride (200,000 MT/ year),Aniline (100,000MT/year), Polyacrylamide (100,000MT/year). The company continues to expand and develop.

In the future, we will continue to provide the core value to the whole industry, explore the channels of importing raw materials, expand the channels of exporting products, provide more satisfactory service for all partners, create more value for the society and realize the dream of more staffs.


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