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PAPERCHEM China 2017

【2017-11-01 09:23:17 】

Date: Nov 20th, 2017-Nov 22nd, 2017

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center,Shanghai,China


2017 (12th) China International Exhibition on Paper Chemicals, Technologies and Equipments that organized by China National Chemical Information Center will be held on 20-22nd November, 2017 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.


As the only professional chemicals-oriented event in the paper chemicals-related exhibition field, PAPER CHEM+TECH has successfully organized 11 times and it is the 12th time in 2017. PAPER CHEM+TECH is not only a platform for the companies to carry out product promotion, technical exchange, foreign cooperation, trade negotiations but also a direction indicator and a barometer for companies in paper chemicals industry,including the international chemical giant Kemira, Harima, Arakawa, Daikin, S&B Bentonite, SNF, Novozymes, Dow and domestic leading enterprises such as Dalian Bio-chem, Jiangsu Feymer, Dongying Nuoer Chemical , Anhui Tianrun, and Anhui Jucheng.


Paper chemical industry istheupstream industry of paper making industry. The usage ofpaper-making chemicals is essential to improving the paper machine production and toincreasing paper-making industry product varieties and product quality. It is also significant to reduce the pollution of the production and improve the economic benefit. PAPER CHEM+TECH is an great event for the participants to have comprehensive understanding of purchasing chemicals and learning related technologies. Itisalso a one-stop shopping for all the companies in the paper industry. The exhibits are all kinds of pulp and paper products presenting features of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The well-known enterprises at home and abroad attract the attention of visitors by its unique booth design and the latest technology seminars.


Scope of Exhibition

Complete waste paper pulping equipment, complete waste paper deinking equipment, no chlorine pulp bleaching equipment, etc.;

All kinds of complete paper machines, headbox, drying cylinder, etc.;

Water saving and energy saving environmental equipment, dewatering equipment, etc.;

Pump, valve, grinding: centrifugal pump, medium-consistency pump, control valve, universal valve, actuator valve, grinding of pulping machine, sieve, grit separator,etc.;

Papermaking felt, etc.;

New technologies and equipments of pulping and papermaking,  etc.


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