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1st Echemi Coating Forum Came to A Successful End

【2017-11-15 09:21:37 】

On November 14, 2017, Echemi Coating Forum & Procurement Conference opened in Shanghai. More than one hundred of suppliers came to this conference, including Echemi's superior suppliers and members. At this conference, Echemi provided qualified products and most professional service to buyers. Moreover, there were more than 70 buyers from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, etc.  

You can find the video of the whole forum and conference here:

At 9 a.m., the First Echemi Coating Forum & Procurement Conference officially started. First, the founder of Echemi, David Zhang made an opening speech to show the warm welcome to all the distinguished guests. Meanwhile, David Zhang emphasized that this conference was not only a prologue but also was the continuous show of online trading in 24 hours, exhibitions, news and the prices.    

Then, Yongjiang Yan, the Secretary General of China National Coating Industry Association, analyzed the latest Chinese coating industry. Mr. Yan analyzed the external environments, downstream applications, the economic status and import & export of China's coating industry. Major applications of coating included real estate, furniture, auto, household appliances, etc. Details in the China's coating market were offered to the audiences.

Jose Ramon from Ravago Group was the second speaker. Mr. Ramon introduced the situation and forecast of European coating market. At the beginning of the speech, Mr. Ramon introduced the main achievements of Ravago. In 2016, Ravago ranked 19 in the top 100 Distributors in Europe and ranked 38 in the top 100 Distributors on ICIS's list. Then, Mr. Ramon introduced the European coating markets in recent years and gave a brief introduction of coating markets during 2011-2018 in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, etc. Moreover, Mr. Ramon emphasized that the water-based coating is the non-negligible trend in the future.

Mr. Rahim was the third speaker, who is an old friend of Echemi. Mr. Rahim is the vice president of Asia Dyestuffs Industry Federation. Mr. Rahim visited Echemi in April 2017, which made a full preparation for this conference. In his speech, Mr. Rahim said that coating industry is one of the biggest consuming industries in Pakistan. The market shares of decorative coating, surface coating and special chemical are large, and the demand growth in Pakistan and Asia will continue to increase. Currently, the consumption volume of Asia occupied 50%-55% of the total in the global market. In 2016, the real estate occupied around 6.71% of the GDP, and the growth rate remained at 3.99% in the past three years. Furthermore, Mr. Rahim analyzed the major influencing factors in the coating market, raw materials and downstream markets. 

Jessie Xia from Dow Chemical was the fourth speaker. Jessie Xia is the Marketing Manager of Coating Materials Business Department in China. In this speech, Jessie Xia introduced the architectural coating market in China. During 2004-2014, the architectural coating developed greatly with the CAGR at 16.4%. Urbanization and real estate boosted the architectural coating market.

Sam Lin is the purchasing director of Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works. He was the fifth speaker. Mr. Lin shared the growth of Chung Hwa Chemical and some advanced thoughts. Meanwhile, MR. Lin analyzed the coating market in Taiwan Area.

Finally, Bree Wang, the Vice President of Echemi, introduced the Echemi platform to conferee. To provide buyers the most suitable products at the right time is Echemi's goal. At the same time, Echemi hopes to help more suppliers expand the business in the global market. Optimize the global chemical resources. 


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