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Global Coating Forum Got Orders of 180,000 MT

【2017-11-20 10:00:45 】

On the afternoon of Nov. 14th, global buyers and sellers in the coating industry attended the First Echemi Global Coating Forum&Procurement Conference in Shanghai. The conference aimed to match overseas buyers with Chinese suppliers according to their purchasing needs. Face-to-face meetings were arranged between buyers and qualified suppliers with cooperation intentions. In the meetings, the distance between both parties became closer and purchasing efficiency was increased. The conference has provided the most convenient and efficient communication platform. 

The Co-founder of Echemi Kevin Yu Was Giving a Speech

In 2017, economic development has entered the restructuring period. As part of China's economic and social development, the coatings industry has implemented the important strategy of adjusting the industry layout, optimizing the industrial structure, providing more cost-effective coating products that meet the market demand, and enabling high-quality chemical products to go abroad. Echemi has facilitated the communication between buyers and sellers through the Procurement Conference. Up until now, 46 orders have been harvested, and 40 enterprises have shown strong cooperation intention in the conference. The conference has helped 23 overseas buyers and 38 Chinese suppliers to find quality partners. The potential purchasing volume has reached 180,000 MT. 

Representatives of Buyers and Sellers

Echemi helped Vista Co.,Ltd. from Thailand find two suppliers: Qingdao Red Butterfly Precision Materials Co., Ltd. and Fushun Huaxing Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd.. One supplier met its annual needs of 300-500 MT of Barium sulfate, and the other confirmed to deliver samples. Echemi also helped Virenix find new suppliers, which are Guangzhou Lingwe Technology and Langfang Yinma Pigment. In addition, Virenix has confirmed the titanium dioxide sample delivery from Yunnan Xinli. Chemical Partner and Qingdao Eastsun New Materials have shown strong intention to cooperate, and the potential annual order is 200 MT. Distribuidora Aliada de México, S.A. de C.V. reached potential purchasing agreement for 3000 MT of Sodium sulfide with Sichuan Shenhong Chemical, and 3-4 fcl of TDI per month with Cangzhou Dahua. WWRC has planned to buy 200 MT of chemical products annually from Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical. Hwaseung Networks Co.,Ltd. has placed a purchase order for 100 MT of pentaerythritol from Jiangsu Kailin Ruiyang. PT Nanotech has placed a purchase order for 6000 MT of chemicals from Tongling Rely Technology. Echeim helped Purechem find two new suppliers: Jiangsu Lianhai and Taizhou Ruibai. Jiangmen Qianxin was matched with Ocean Chemicals, introducing acrylic acid and related products. Delta Egypt was matched with Jinzhou Titanium Industry, and both showed strong intention for cooperation. Zanyu Technology was introduced to Megachem, and both reached a good understanding for each other and showed strong intention to cooperate. 

Procurement Conference

Echemi puts its whole heart into serving chemical producers and buyers, and facilitating communications between them. It concentrates on building the most convenient and efficient chemical transaction platform, helping producers and buyers to find high quality partners. 


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