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Echemi and First Chemical Reached Cooperation Deal

【2017-11-22 09:15:35 】

Taking the "Optimize the Global Chemical Resources and Make Chemical Transaction Easier " as the mission, Echemi puts its whole heart into serving chemical producers and buyers. Echemi concentrates on building the most convenient and efficient chemical transaction platform, helping producers and buyers to find high quality partners. Echemi Coating Forum & Procurement Conference facilitates the communication between producers and buyers. Until now, 46 orders have been put. 40 buyers showed strong intention to buy during the conference. The conference has helped 23 overseas buyers and 38 domestic suppliers to find quality business partners. The potential purchasing volume has reached 180,000mt.

In Echemi Coating Forum & Procurement Conference, Echemi and First Chemical Co., Ltd. reached strategic cooperation agreement. The founder of Echemi, David Zhang and Hongnian Chen from First Chemical Co., Ltd. signed the contract in the conference. First Chemical Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1963. It has two Subsidiaries: First Cosmetics Manufacture Co., Ltd. and First Chemical Manufacture Co.,Ltd.. In the early stage, First Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly sold basic chemicals. In 1985, when the second generation leader took the core position, the company focused on fine chemicals, cosmetics raw materials, natural essential oils and flavors, pigments, dyes, water treatment products, test agent, DIY materials and other raw materials.

Echemi and First Chemical Co., Ltd. will cooperate further to contribute to the development of the chemical industry.


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