Food Ingredients

Product Name:Sorbitol


Molecular Formula:50-70-4

CAS No.: C6H14O6

food industry:
All kinds of candy: good taste, dry place, anti-oxidation, quality, flavor, sugar-free
All kinds of cakes, biscuits: good flavor, dry place, to extend the storage period, keep the look, sugar-free
Fish products: frozen good protective properties, moisturizing effect is good, low sweetness, anti-browning
Beverage ice cream jelly: moisturizing, low sweetness, anti-caries, sugar-free
Chemical industry:
Used in toothpaste, toothpaste can keep the body smooth, color, good taste
Used in cosmetics, emulsifiers can enhance lubricity and extensibility to meet the long-term storage
Cigarette, so that the reel is soft, does not produce short
Pharmaceutical industry:
As vitamin C raw material
As a starting material syrup, injection fluids, pharmaceutical tableting
Dispersing agent as a drug, a filler, a cryoprotectant, anti-crystallizing agent, wetting agent, sweetener
chemical industry:
For Span, Twain surfactant, polyether, plastics additives production
270kgs/10.5kg blue Drum
Transport storage conditions
The bulk material is hygroscopic and should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
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