Food Ingredients

Product Name:Calcium Propionate


Molecular Formula:4075-81-4

CAS No.: 2(C3H5O2)·Ca

Calcium propionate is a new kind of food additives, approved by WHO and FAO as a safe food and feed mildew inhibitor.Also a new, safe, efficient, broad-spectrum fungicide of food and feed in brewing, food,feed,traditional chinese medicine etc.. Have widly antibacterial
function to mold and bacteria .
1. Used as food and feed mildew and as preservation agent in food and pastry.It can be easily mixed with flour.At the same time of it plays the role of preservative,it can provide essential calcium, plays the role of fortifing foods.
2.Inhibit mold and aerobic bacillus which will cause the bread produce sticky silk material,but no inhibition on yeast.
3. Unique preservative and anti-enzyme agent of aerobic spore producing bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, aflatoxin in starch, protein and oil-containing substances.
4. As feed additive can effectively inhibit mildew, extend the shelf life of feed ,can also raise livestock appetite when combined with the other inorganic salts ,increase milk production of >dairy cows.Suitable for the use of various feed for its small volatility, high temperatuer
resistance, animal adaptability,
5. Used as additive in toothpaste, cosmetics,and have good preservative effect.
Net weight: 25kg,paper-plastic bag or woven bag lined with PE bag,can also be customized according to customer‘s requirements of packaging.
Transport storage conditions
Stored in cool, dry and ventilated place.Must not be loaded and transported with toxic, hazardousand polluting substances.
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