Food Ingredients

Product Name:Sodium Erythorbate


Molecular Formula:6381-77-7

CAS No.: C6H7O6Na·H2O

Sodium Erythorbate falls into the category of biological products, and can be applied to a large variety of foods. It is an antioxidant and acts as a preservative in order to maintain freshness (eg: canned meat, meat products, marine products, vegetables, fruits, jams, juices, beers, wine, fruit tea, cakes, bread etc.). The antioxidant properties of Sodium Erythorbate helps inhibit the formation of carcinogens, maintains flavour consistency whilst preventing rancidity or discoloration, without any toxic or non-toxic side effects.
Transport storage conditions
The products should be stored in the areas of light, ventilation, cool, clean and dry, and should not be mixed with toxic, harmful and corrosive substances.
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