Food Ingredients

Product Name:Gluten


Molecular Formula:8002-80-0

CAS No.: C

Wheat Gluten is called active gluten powder. It's a mixture of natural protein and water abstracted from flour with high protein nurture. Compared to the vegetable proteins, it has unexampled viscoelasticity and hygroscopicity which meet the nutritional needs. Wheat Gluten is also a fine paste ameliorant widely used in the production of bread, noodle, and instant noodle. Besides, it's added in the production of green flour and bread flour and proven to be an effective way to supplement vegetable proteins.
In aquiculture, the usage of Wheat Gluten can add gain the nourishment of the foodstuff and is an excellent nutrition fortifier as well.
25Kg woven bag
25Kg Kraft Paper Bag
1000kgs bulk bag
Transport storage conditions
Stored in cool, dry and ventilated place
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