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Product Name:Lithium Hydroxide


Molecular Formula:1310-65-2


Lithium hydroxide can be used as a developing agent and lubricating oil for spectroscopic analysis. The additive of the alkaline battery electrolyte can increase the electric capacity by 12% to 15% and increase the service life by 2 to 3 times.
It can be used as an absorbent for carbon dioxide to purify the air inside the submarine.Used in the production of lithium salt and lithium grease, alkaline battery electrolyte, lithium bromide refrigerator absorption liquid, lithium soap, lithium salt, developer, etc. or as analytical reagents; petroleum, chemical, light industry, nuclear industry, etc. . Used as an analytical reagent, photographic developer, also used in the manufacture of lithium; used as a raw material for the preparation of lithium compounds. Can also be used in metallurgy, petroleum, glass, ceramics and other industries.
Transport storage conditions
Store in a dry and clean compartment.Keep away from fire and heat. 
Protect from direct sunlight.The package is sealed.
It should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, carbon dioxide and food chemicals. Avoid mixing.
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