Food Ingredients

Product Name:Xanthan Gum


Molecular Formula:11138-66-2

CAS No.: C35H49O29

1. In the oil industry drilling, 0.5% of the xanthan gum solution can maintain the viscosity of the water-based drilling fluid and control its rheological properties, so that the high-speed rotation of the drill bit viscosity is minimal, significant savings in power consumption, while relatively static Of the drilling site has maintained a high viscosity, play to prevent the collapse of the shaft, easy to cut the role of cutting the gravel out of the well. 2. In the food industry, it is better than gelatin, CMC, seaweed gum and pectin and other existing food additives in the juice to add 0.2% to 1%, so that the juice has good adhesion, good taste, control penetration and flow As a bread additive, can make bread stability, texture, smooth, save time and reduce costs; in the bread stuffing, food sandwich filling and sugar coating in the use of 0.25%, can increase the taste and flavor, smooth tissue products, Improve the stability of the products on the heating and freezing; in the dairy products, ice cream by adding 0.1% to 0.25%, can play a stable role in the canned food to provide good viscosity control, can replace part of the starch, a copy of the original Gum can replace 3 to 5 parts of starch. At the same time, in the candy, condiments, frozen food and liquid food, xanthan gum has also been widely used.
25kg Bag
Transport storage conditions
Keep tightly closed in a cool place in a tightly closed container.
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